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Have A Idea, Need Help To Advance It?

2008-06-04 23:00:18 by Swordsbite

Well then post your ideas here or pm me and we can make your dreams go wild. I am a programmer and I wanna make games. You do the art and concept, and Ill do the REST!

Rest meaning coding lol


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2008-06-05 17:17:48

To what extent code because I'm working on a couple of characters in Flash not sure if I'm going to stick with it though too time consuming and I have to get a job for college.


2008-06-05 17:53:40

Wow, by the looks of it you've been doing AS for about a month(not sure exactly) and you are already prepared to make a full game. I'm impressed. Have fun !


2008-06-07 12:43:11

to what extent are you able to do for coding. I have something I have wanted to get done. I have a little bit of coding done for it, but I don't know a whole lot about the coding for games and need an experienced coder. Experienced as in better than me. I will send you a PM with the little sample that I have done for it already.


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