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2008-06-14 14:16:17 by Swordsbite

OK, so if anyone has ever noticed, zrb has really put a lot of effort into helping everyone with there problems. Ive noticed hes helped with coding, animations, and just plain normal help like things like what to do. So I making a quick news post and asking for people to vote him for our newest mod. I think that he surely deserves it, I know he would of had to gone to conventions and that, but I think that Wade and Tom can make a acception.

So, how bout it Newgrounders, wanna vote ZRB for mod? cause I do


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2008-06-14 16:25:18

where's the voting charts, cause I'm in.


2008-06-16 22:01:26

As a reg of the flash forum..I have noticed and def appreciate all the help he has given others..he is def on track to becoming a mod..
However, I feel there are others who deserve it more right now..


2008-06-23 12:07:48

he has helped me loads from as to problems with my computer ( i told him he should be a mod once but he said many more people deserve more than him


2008-06-23 14:02:06

Ya zrb is very helpful to people. I'm game.


2008-07-11 10:53:54

zrb rocks my socks :3


2008-07-28 22:05:08

zrb's cool, but a bit too spammy recently for modship. he's also only been on newgrounds for 4 months, so yeah...


2008-08-12 12:02:29

Never heard of em.


2008-08-12 20:48:07

He's a nice guy, I say yes.